I have taken over

I have finally taken over. Not that I will be much better with this blog than my wonderful husband was, but at least it has some character to it now! I can't complain about Sam though. He is #13 out of 180 students in his class. Externs with a Federal Court Judge his first summer in law school, and takes care of Piper and me. So I guess if he neglects the blog a little bit, does it really matter? I will try to update ever so often, and at least tell everyone the important news that happens to us. For instance, Sam and I are expecting our second child in December! I think it is a boy, but Sam has fallen in love with the idea of a bunch of little girls. Which is funny cause he wanted a boy first saying he wouldnt know what to do with a girl, and now all he wants is girls! Not that I don't blame him. I think our little girl is just the cutest, and want a litter just like her. Well maybe if she was a little more reverent at church I would! If we had a boy I would have to go shopping and that is so ok with me. I am 15 and half weeks and already to big I think. Other 9 pounder maybe?? SHOOT ME!!


Koren said...

Congratulations! All guys think they want another girl when they already have one, until they find out it's a boy. They seem to srutt around and grunt like "I created man." Plus they automatically start counting years until they can coach the football team.

The Young's said...

Thats so great you guys are expecting again! :) Congrats! :)

Wonder Woman said...

Glad to see you, Nikki! I think I know how to get your pictures to fit. Are they too big for what your header? You have to make the header bigger. There's a link on my site for "rocks in my dryer." She has a blogger 101 page that helps when you're getting started. But I'm gonna try to tell you how to get a pic there.

Wonder Woman said...

Here we go: Once you sign in, go to "layout"
Click on "header"
You can change the title of the blog here. (ours is amayzing)
On blog description, you can enter more text, or just make more space. I made mine big enough for the picture by entering
over and over again, one per line.
Looks like this

Only I have a lot more. Then towards the bottom I put "or at least trying to be," then a few more
s. (it's code for BREAK)

The more you put in, the larger your box is, and the larger picture you can put in it. You'll probably just have to play with it a while.

For your picture, make sure the circle that says "behind title and description" is clicked.

That should work...I think. I hope. :o)

Wonder Woman said...

< br >

That's what all the blank is. It's code and the computer read it as such. My bad. So enter < b r > without the spaces.

salena said...
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salena said...

Hey Nikki-
This is Salena(Fa) Langford. (Hopefully you remember me:) I just found your blog and facebook through Megan's. Oh my gosh, Piper is absolutely adorable!! How are you guys doin over in INdiana, right? I am going to add your blog to my page, if you dont mind..I want to see updates on baby #2! Congrats! We just had boy twins in January. Life is crazy, you could say! I will send some Twin energy vibes over if you want..kidding! No, they're FUN! Also my blog is on private, so if you email me ur address, I can send you an invite to view our blog. It's so good to see how your family is doing!