Swimming is just to much!

Alright, So I spend all afternoon blowing up the darn swimming pool for Piper and she LOVES it! She splashes and plays and laughs and is just loving life. Well, me being the 1st time mom wants to scrapbook everything. Last year she hated hated hated the water (She was only 3 months, so I let it slide) but needless to say I didn't get any pictures. Well she is almost 16 months now and I need pictures! So I run inside grab my camera and as soon as she spots the camera, it hits the fan! She wants the camera in the pool with her. So after fighting and lots of screaming, she gets out of the pool to look for it. I spent forever putting it up and she played a total of 3 minutes!! With my heart murmur it takes pretty much nothin for my heart rate to go up and for me to have trouble breathing, but I went thru it so my daughter could have a wonderful afternoon. But did she appercaite it? NO!! We are going to "go swimming" tomorrow but w/o a camera!!!!!

Before she noticed the camera Hey, what was that?? "What cha got there mom?" "I think I need that camera mom!!

After the last picture it was kinda impossible to take another without complete hysterics. So I thought if I put it away she would forget about it, but she gave me a dirty look, climbed out of the pool and went to go searching for it!!! What a stubborn headed, hot tempered little girl. I guess I got what was coming to me!

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The Young's said...

That is too funny! I love all the little quirks that our babies have. It truly shows their personality coming out! :)