I just can't catch up!!

So many things going on and I can never find time to get things done. Here is what we have done this week so far!
We went to Kimel Beach (Lake Michigan) and had lunch. We took sandwiches and Sam decided to feed one of the flying beasts some bread. Well 2 seconds later we had like 20 flying, apparently straving, beasts surrounding us. So we kept feeding them so they wouldn't charge us! Piper kept pointing at them and telling them "NO" but they wouldn't even listen to her! We threw everything we had at them. It was funny to watch them catch it mid air or fight on the ground for it. They would come w/in feet of us!! They started nose-diving us and that is when Piper and I thought it safe to go play in the water. It was FREEZING, but she actually liked it. Daddy was throwing rocks in so Piper did the same. Daddy would run towards a wave then run back and Piper thought it was funny so she did it. She has come a long long long way from her first visit this year! Thank goodness!
This doesn't show how many or how close they were, but believe me, I was scared for my life!

Piper enjoying her sandwich and cookie!

So Sam has this obession with Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. I must admit I have an obession with Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. On the last Monday of the month all of their cakes are half off, so since I have been pregnant and think I can allow the extra calories I ask him nicely to go get me a cake. (We live less than a mile from DQ) He was their a few months ago getting me a cake (which in my defense, it takes me a week maybe 10 days to finish a cake) He saw a box of Dilly Bars! And hasn't stopped the tradition. He will be sad when I have this baby and he won't have any excuse to buy them (but in his defense he gained 45 lbs with me with Piper and with this pregnancy he hasn't gained a pound). Anyway, Sam does not wait till our princess goes to bed to eat them, so she wanted a bite and eventually took over the cherry dilly bar. Which I can't blame her. If any of you have had a cherry flavored dilly bar, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, so this is my Princess (all clean, straight from the bath) eating her very own dilly bar.
Sam was so proud!


Wonder Woman said...

They're half off because they're all old and the managers are trying to get rid of them. =D But still good.

And I am SO getting a cake for my birthday. Should've done it for my anniversary. Dang.

Richardson Five said...

Looks GOOD Piper!
How fun at the lake (minus the crazy birds) and it's so beautiful! I pictured the lakes up there to be grey and dark having lived in VT for four years. Don't know why, it's not like we never had a sunny day...they were just few and far between.
We have tons of ducks at a lake by us that are the same way. One duck bit my friend's little boy's finger. Who would have thought a duck would actually bite you? I guess anything will bite you if you threaten them, but it seemed weird. I've had one hiss at me because I was shewing his flock away. Scared me to death. I thought he was going to attack and I had all these pictures in my head of having to fight the duck. Good thing for that bird I didn't have to get my kung-fu out.
Birds can be so CREEPY!

Anyway, it's sure fun to see what you guys are up to.

salena said...

Oh, dont even get me started on the DQ! We just moved from Queen Creek where there nothing, to a DQ also less than a mile from us. We are obsessed with crunch cones right now. (I love how they still serve stuff thats no longer on the menu) It's hard for us not to get one every night. I am really taking advantage of living near one..which needs to stop! At least you've got the pregnant excuse!

The beach! We are going to one in 6 days! I cant wait!