My tummy.....

Well I don't have much going on right now, but Sam is at school doing research for a HUGE paper, Piper is in bed for the night and there is nothing on TV. I am bored and lonely so I thought I would post pictures of me. Well not me, but my belly.
WARNING- not for the weak of heart!!
This was me in early March before I got pregnant.

13 weeks
Yes that is Ian Zeiring on the TV. I love Beverly Hills 90210, what can I say?

17 weeks

22 weeks

And me today at 23 1/2 weeks.
There isn't much difference between 22 and 23 obviously but this week I feel my skin stretching. I hate that feeling. Cocca Butter oil, where are you!?? I go in next week for my 2ND ultrasound and for my echo cardiogram for my heart murmur. Nervous as to exactly how they will get to my heart. Hopefully thru my shirt!!!! (I can always dream) anyway, so there is my tummy!
( I have a few sisters-in-law that are pregnant right now too. Wanna share some pics for your sis that is so far away from you and cant see how cute you all are getting!!?? It'll be fun! )


Elliott Mom said...

Cute tummy! Funny, though, in the 17 wk picture you look like you have a belly button ring because of the knob on the closet. hehe

Richardson Five said...

you go girl!

Becca said...

So sorry Nikki but my stomach does not look nearly as cute as yours and i refuse to have any bare tummy photos taken. Trust me it's not pretty.

Nikki said...

Becca, I bet you still look adorable!!! You were with Kaylee! Hey when is your ultrasound?

Becca said...

Thanks Nikki, but a tummy just doesn't look as cute when you are on your 4th child. Oh and My ultrasound is on Monday. I can hardly wait!! The suspense is KILLING me.

Nikki said...

I have my @nd ultrasound on Monday to. Along with my echocariogram, but how exciting! Do you and Ryan hope for anything in particular???