So my birthday was on the 20th of February. It was a Friday, but on the Thrusday before was book group. So I went (I never read the book, but I always go and chat it up with my girls) and my friend Michelle (the women who can do ANYTHING) made me a cake. Not not just a cake with frosting and sprinkles, but a CHANEL PURSE CAKE!! It was adorable and delicious! The talent that radiates from that women makes me want to puke!!!!
This is the talented cake decorator Michelle!
The next day, on my birthday, Sambo took me to Merrillville to Outback Steakhouse for dinner with our children and then I raced back home to go to a friends baby shower. Her baby was actually born on my daddy's birthday (Feb. 7th), 3 weeks early. Some women have all the luck!
I had a good, successful birthday. I turned 25. I never thought I would turn 25. It always seemed so far away. But here I am, 25, mother of two, married twice, and happier than ever! I didn't get here the way I thought I would, the road has been bumpy, but I am glad I got here. I have a great husband, adorable children, awesome friends, a wonderful family, what more could I ask for!
Life is good!

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Richardson Five said...

That purse is amazing! She is quite talented. Glad you had a happy one! So i finally get to hear your age.