This was the first and last hand I won!
So I have really wanted to have a girls night and play poker, so I made some of my girlfriends play with me and we had a blast! I won the first hand and got tons of candy (we used candy instead of money) and then every other hand I lost by the skin on my teeth! It was so much fun though! We then watched Twilight afterwards! Can't ask for a better night than that!!!
Lori barely beat me with this hand! This is my trying to get my candy back!
These are my home girls! Bethany, Kim, Michelle, and Lori. Bethany, Michelle, and Lori are all in their last year of law school and will be leaving me in May!!! (I guess their husbands are in their last year) I honestly don't think it is fair that they are ALL leaving me, AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
Sitting down to watch Twilight!! See the ginormous bowl of CARAMEL CORN? Yeah I ate half of it and it was delicious!!!! That is probably why I don't feel 100% today, but every bite was worth it! YUM!!

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