Sam found a Yahtzee game in the back of our closest the other day. I had bought it forever ago for $4 and I forgot all about it! So we pulled it out and started playing and Piper loves the game! SHe helps mommy and daddy roll the dice. She ever rolled me a yahtzee once! It is getting nicer here in Valpo but still to cold to go outside and play so we have been playing alot! I win most of the time to!!!
Piper is helping to roll the dice!
Thad didn't want his picture taken I guess!?
OK, so if one of us got a yahtzee, the other had to lose clothing (It's ok, we are married), but we didn't think either one of us would ever get a yahtzee, and in one game I got two!!!!!! Sam was more than willing to play along!!!!

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