fun times today.....

I just love my kids! Piper and I are best friends and Thad has started crying for me! When he knows I am in the room but not holding him he will cry till I get him! SO sweet!! I LOVE IT!! Sam was gone most of the day (what's new right) so to pass the time we took some pictures! Thad was sleeping when we took most of the pictures so he isn't in most of them, sorry Thad!
Sorry a little blury, but you get the gist!
That is Thad's 3 month jacket! "Fat guy in a little coat" syndrome! She put it on all by herself and came to me and said, "look mommy, I'm Thaddeus"!!
Watching Elmo's world together. Piper insisted that Thad watch with her on her Elmo couch!

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MegRich said...

So sweet! I love that Piper wanted him to sit with her. What a good sister!