party hardy ya'all

We had Sams law review banquet on Thrusday. At 6 they had an hour of drinks, then 7 to 9 a presentation, boring but the food and dessert were delicious, and then the bar opened back up and it was dancing time!!!! The only four not drinking were the 4 mormons in the room and we were the only ones having a great time! I didn't want to go but it was the best and most fun function that we have been to since we started law school! I hope next years party is just as fun and hopefully I wont be pregnant and can drink next year!! hahaha


Grammy of 9 said...

So does this mean that Sam made "Law Review" again? (I hope)

Nikki said...

He was never off of it, but it was crazy for a while, but he finished his paper, they found it acceptable and we are both breathing again!