Piper has her silky that she loves and we can not go ANYWHERE without it. It is her security blanket, kleenex, wash cloth, etc. etc. etc..... I don't know how we could have survived without it. Well Thaddeus, like his siter, will not take a pacifier. SO I have introduced "his" silky. He didn't want it much at first, but once he spit up on it a few times and it smells bad, he loves it! It soothes him almost instantly, just like Pipers silky does for her! Who would have thought a tiny peice of fabric could make my life so much easier!?


MegRich said...

How sweet. I love Thaddeus! Did you make his silky Nikki (now that you're an amazing seamstress and all- yay!)?

Nikki said...

No. My mommy did. Actually she made two, just in case we lost one. Piper liked hers so much that we HAD to have one for Thad.