things you get away with when your mom isn't watching

Paige and I went to the park a week or two ago and let our girls run and have fun. We saw their heads bob up and down on the basketball court and thought nothin of it till we spot the water puddle. They had been running thru it and splashing and in Brooklyns case sitting in it for about 20 minutes! I am glad I didn't know what they were doing cause I am such a neat frak I wouldn't have let Piper near the water, but she had SO MUCH FUN!! It makes me want to loosen up and let her get dirty sometimes, almost!
Piper is the one running thru the water in the background! And I know you can't tell but Brooklyns pants were a light grey!
It is kinda hard to tell, but Pipers pants from her knees down and drenched, and her shoes had to go thru the washer twice to get them clean, and her socks had to be thrown out!
You can kinda tell that Brooklyns pants are drenched on one side. It isn't a shadow, it's just wet!
They had so much fun though. So much fun that other random kids were coming to play, but their moms were watching them better and caught them before they got to wet. OH WELL!

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