how fast things change

This was my family in January. Thadd is 1 month old. This is my family now. Piper is now two and Thadd is now 4 1/2 months old. They look so different and it has only been a few months! I knew Thadd would look different, but I see him everyday and he still looks like a baby, but if you look at these two pictures he has changed so much and is so incredibly different! I wish the picture was better of Piper, but she was having issues. She is two she is always having issues lately! Even Pipers hair is so much longer! I waited forever for her to have hair and she finally does! I love haing a little girl! I get to play with her hair and put in big bows, and we even paint our toe nails together, same color and everything! She loves it and I love that she loves it!!! Sam looks the same except he is clean shaven and I just gave him a hair cut the night before. For some reason my kids love to sit with daddy while he is on the computer. Thadd likes to watch the fun games daddy plays and Piper gets to color with pens and highlighters that daddy has on the desk for school! Sambo is such a great daddy and loves our kids very much! I am so lucky to have such a great man in my life! Love you Sam!


Chandler Family said...

Ok, you can't ask to have me help you with headers anymore, cause the one you did is AWESOME!!!! I can't believe the change over the past couple months, I was there and I don't remember them growing up that much.

Richardson Five said...

They grow so fast! Too bad you can't freeze time. They are so sweet.