our beautiful day at the beach

So we haven't made it up to the Lake yet this year cause the weather sucks lately, and even native Valpoians can argue with me about that, but Sam had planned with his friend Milo that we would all go up today. I told Sam it was supposed to be chilly and rainy, but we packed everyone up, went up to Ogden Dunes in Gary, Indiana, and went to the beach! Check out all the "fun" we had!
Yeah so it was raining and it was in the very low 70's if that, and with the lake wind.......
This is Landon, Milo's 4 year old son. Sambo helping Landon build the sand castle. Piper was having so much fun she was poking her eyes out!! hehe
She never left the blanket!
Milo relaxing! Milo and Sam plan on having a firm together. The beginnings of the sand castle. The rain was getting harder and the wind was picking up and thunder started so this is also the end project!

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