Rub a dub dub......

Thaddeus is really getting into the bath tub. Piper got into the bath at 6 months to! Once they can sit up good on their own and want something and can use thier arms to get it, the water isn't so bad! He has actually started to fuss when I take him out. Piper also likes having a play mate in the tub.
One bad thing about taking bath pictures is seeing how dirty your tub is! I scrub it once a week at least, but it is never clean! If I ever get a house I will have a tub that is NOT WHITE!!!!! Who's dumb idea was that!?? I can tell you that it is not someone that has OCD and has to have her surroundings spotless at all times!

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Elliott Mom said...

The white tub idea probably came from the same ignorant person that puts carpet in apartment dining rooms...cuz that's a great thing for having kids in the house..