blueberry picking

Piper and I went Blueberry picking with our friend Paige and her daughter Brooklyn. We went last year but Piper was still to young to really do much but this year she loved it. She helped pick and would put them in her cup. So cute. She was really into it for the first 10 to 15 minutes then she started to dwindle, but she's 2. The only one in our house that really likes blueberries is Sam, so I hope he really likes them. At least until our two pounds is all gone!
Her height advantage was really helpful. She was able to reach really high and get really good berries. I guess being so tall is good sometimes!
Brooklyn loves blueberries so she would pick one then eat it. Her cup never got to full, but Piper would pick some then give them to Brooklyn. It was so cute!
Hard at work!
Paige with her 5 lbs. Me with my dinky 2 pounds!
What a great day for


Grammy of 9 said...

What fun!!! Thaddeus didn't get to help?

Nikki said...

He got to stay home and take a nap then daddy got to show him off at school. Sam had to run and help with something so Thad got to flirt with the ladies!

Laura said...

Sounds like so much fun! When are you guys going next? London would get a kick out of picking berries. Piper and Brooklyn look like they are best friends!