18 weeks

So I am 18 weeks today. The weeks are just flying by! I still have a hard time believing that I am really pregnant but then I just look down and the evidence is right there.
********I still don't fell the baby move a whole lot. Like maybe 3 times altogether. With Piper I felt her move every day all day from week 14. She would jump, kick, roll, somersault. She moved like that till about 35 weeks then it started to slow but that was cause she was huge and there just wasn't space anymore. Although she tried and it killed! But with Thaddeus, he moved maybe once every other day. But when he did move it was just a stretch then he would curl back up. I had feet and hands trying to tear out of my tummy with Piper and Thaddeus never tried escaping. But that is kinda there personalities now to.
********Every pregnant lady has thoughts that something is wrong cause I don't feel the baby move, or I'm not big enough, or whatever it is. Well I had all of those concerns the first time and then they all came true! It is hard for me to forget that and feel like all the babies that I have grown are safe. I know the experience of losing a baby has left a scar and I am not sure how to heal myself? I have two kids jumping on me all day everyday, so that makes my worries even more so. I know it is all irrational, but how can I not be that way?
********I go to the doctor on the 21st. (My 6th wedding anniversary with Warren, and my sister-in-law Alyssa's birthday - she is due 11 days before me.) Maybe by then I will know if I have insurance to cover this pregnancy and hopefully he lets me get a second ultrasound. I really want another little girl. I loved having a little girl and now Piper is the biggest helper and sweetest little thing - when she wants to be. But then again, this baby and Thad will be so close it would be nice to have them the same gender. We have names for both that we are very excited to use, and honestly I just want a healthy, slightly smaller than my others, beautiful baby!
Anyway, I found this cute picture of Piper on my camera and wanted to share it!


Paige Turnbow said...

Your belly is so cute! I hope you do have insurance, so you can find out the sex and that you don't have to pay out of pocket(ouch). A boy or a girl would be great, because you do have cute kids.

Grammy of 9 said...

That IS a cute picture of Piper!!!
I understand completely (sadly something we share in common)your discomfort when it comes to fear of losing the baby, but you are far enough along now, you are much safer than the first time. As long as you do feel movement occasionally and aren't having any discharge, you're OK, sweetie. I love seeing your tummy! Isn't it great knowing that whatever gender the baby is will be just fine! Keep us all posted! Mommas

Wonder Woman said...

My belly looks just like that!

I was always about 19-20 weeks before I felt the baby move, which is right on target for this one. It was such a relief. Between kids jumping and wanting to be held, I get worried, too.

I was supposed to find out on Monday but they had to push me back a week. Total bummer. But I'm excited for my b-day present from you this year -- a call telling us if it's a girl or a boy!!

p.s. Idea for Christmas: cousins drawing names and "buying" for another cousin. We could spend a little more since we aren't buying for everyone. And the kids get to pick out stuff for specific cousins. You in?!

Laura said...

You look great! Love how you are starting to show more! I know when I was pregnant and had my little ones running around I wouldn't even notice if my baby moved or not and would sometimes not even remember I was pregnant and then panic because I couldn't remember when the baby had moved last. It is pretty crazy when you are running around all day pregnant with little kids too. I am really excited for you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!