Potty training is exhausting

We tried potty training Piper a few months ago, and although she got it and could do it, she just one day stopped and refused. I tried everything, stickers, candy, chocolate, and nothing would get her to potty in the potty. So for her safety and my sanity, we took a couple of months vacation. I regrouped, got my game face on, and decided to tackle my stubborn personality inside my two year old's body. I made a new sticker rewards chart and set some new rules.
  • If she goes potty for 5 days in the potty then she gets a surprise of her choice.
  • We will do that 4 times then she gets a party where she can invite all her friends to the
"Piper's Potty Party"
She loved that idea. She loved that she got to pick out her own surprise and have a party just for her. She has already made a guest list, including Kaylee (her cousin who lives in Arizona). That and I follow her around with her little potty chair, and she doesn't wear any panties. I started out the day with Elmo undies on, but she would just pee her panties. But if she is commando, she just runs and sits on the potty whenever she feels it coming. She had one mistake this morning and that was it. There is 6 stickers on her board for today and only 1 accident. When I was putting her to bed she was telling me all about being a big girl and going pee and poop in the potty tomorrow so she could get stickers, suckers, surprises, and a party. I wasn't sure if this "new plan" would work, but after I introduced the new chart and rules to her not 10 minutes later she came to me and said "Mom, I put my poop in the potty." I ran to her potty chair and sure enough, PEE AND POOP! AAH!!! Hopefully it works and I only have to buy diapers for one, for a few months anyway.
***Sorry Piper for the embarrassing photo!***
**Only a Mommy, who's life revolves around her kids, would have a long, boring blog about the ups and downs of potty training.


MegRich said...

Yay Piper! What a good idea Nikki! Good luck!

Paige Turnbow said...

I love the picture. Good luck with the ups and downs, I'll be there one of these days.

Wonder Woman said...

Going commando worked really well for Eric, but now he refuses to do that. Always has to be fully dressed. And he just pees his pants.

I've started putting the plastic training pants over his undies to help with the mess, and he hates it. It's become a motivator for him. If he can go all day without an accident, he doesn't have to wear the pants the next day.

And weren't you find out yesterday if you're having a boy or a girl?

Becca said...

I love it!!!! Way to go Piper!!!

Grammy of 9 said...

She's going to hate you for that pic someday, but I love it! I'm just happy that you can understand her stubborness and that it isn't anything she can control!!! A woman I once knew wrote a poem called "Six foot Spirit in a Three Foot Frame", about ornery little boys. The same applies here. Love you, Mommas