Well we have been at this thing called potty training now for over a month and I am glad to say that my baby is potty trained. Not that we don't have an accident here and there, but we get better everyday. The first thing she tells me in the morning is that she isn't sleeping and she needs big girl panties on! I love that she wants to wear big girl panties, I just wish she would tell me at 7 instead of 6!
So for part of her party we went to Merrillville on Saturday and went to the mall and walked around. They have an indoor play area that she loves and played on for over an hour. Then we went to the Disney store and she looked at the new Princess and the Frog stuff for EVER!! She saw a commercial for it and has talks about her and her Daddy going to the movie EVERYDAY! Sam is excited for a Daddy-Daughter date to, but I am tired of hearing about that movie! Anyway, she went potty three times at the mall. With all the excitement of playing and running around I thought she would forget and have an accident, so I went prepared, but she was awesome! She got to pick out a $2 dolloar toy (a Sleeping Beauty toy (Princess Rose doll as she is known in our house)). And what made me so happy is that she wanted Thaddeus to have a toy. She said it would make her happy if he was happy! I love that sweet girl of mine.
So anyway, tonight we gave her our present. She is REALLY REALLY REALLY into Strawberry Shortcake right now, so we got her more Strawberry Shortcake! She can even tell you everybody's name!
Thaddeus even enjoyed her present! Piper was nice enough to share a Strawberry doll with him (She has two) He thought she was the best big sister!
My little poser!
My big, gorgeous girl!!!!! I love Thaddeus's facial expressions! He has new ones everyday! Happy-POTTY TRAINED - girl!
And this is one HAPPY Mommy that wont have 3 in diapers!!!!!


MegRich said...

That is so fun! You guys are awesome parents to make even the hardest things like potty training fun. So happy she's done well for you guys!

Wonder Woman said...

This is so great!!! And Eric is doing well enough with the potty that I can be happy for you and not resentful! ;o) I'm so glad you won't have 3 in diapers!

Laura said...

I need your help!!! Please come give me pointers for London! I'm happy for you! I have had three in diapers/pull-ups before and it is not fun for the pocket book or the Mommy!