100 days

I only have 100 days left till my due date. I CAN NOT believe how fast this pregnancy is going! SLOW DOWN!!!!
My camera broke. It has been on the fritz the past couple of weeks, but now it is dead dead dead. Sad, cause I took pictures just about every day! I am a scrapbook mommy and I am so sad that we missed Thanksgiving, and setting up the tree, and making the Christmas countdown calendar, Thaddeus walking, my kids playing and being best friends, etc etc... and all that in just the past week! And since we have no money and no hopes of making any extra money in the next 9 months, I guess no pictures for a while!
I think Thaddeus's crawling days are limited. He has been standing on his own for months and walking along things for just as long and he can take a few steps when he wants, but the past few days he will walk across the entire room like it is no big deal! It is sad and I am also relieved that he will be walking by the time Odessa comes. Thad is really into to learning right now. I showed him "clap" and he claps for everything. I taught him "wave" and now he waves whenever I come or leave a room, or when Sam goes to school. Next on my list is KISSES. He is great at hugs but I could use a kiss on demand from my little guy like I do from Piper!

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