Photo shoot

So since I have my new camera, I have to catch up on all the pictures I have missed out on! Sam was studying so hard for finals, and then he took about a 20 minute break to come out and play Strawberry Shortcake with Piper and they were being so cute! Piper was telling him all about all the dolls and what they smell like and what they do. Once I got out the camera, the crazy Piper came out and she had to show us her wonderful personality! I love that little girl. I feel so privileged to be her mommy!
Then the crazy Piper comes out!!!!!
She has this thing where she has to give you a thumbs up in every picture! We used to tell her to stop, but it is her "trademark" move I guess?
Then, without coaching, they both made this face for the picture! PRICELESS!

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Grammy of 9 said...

Love these pictures. I need these pictures.