Piper's pictures

I got out the camera today and Piper decided she wanted to be the photographer. Some of the pictures she took looked like a 2 year old took them, but others aren't so bad. After a while she wanted some taken of her being goofy, so she is in a few of them!
I promise he does love me!
Sam in his natural state, playing Wii! I can't complain, I got him that game for Christmas!
Piper said I looked beautiful in the ones she took of me, so if a two year old says it, it has to be true!
We were smiling just fine for the picture and then the last second he turns on me and starts his attack! I like to think of them as kisses!
How could you not love this little girl?
And my favorite picture! Thaddeus was looking at the camera then he did his famous move and looked away! I love my kids! What a lucky Mommy I am!


Grammy of 9 said...

These are great posts! Love and miss you all so much!

Sara said...

Piper is such a great photographer! So who took the pictures that she is in? And you are BEAUTIFUL!!