Little boys are not like Little girls!

I love love love my little boy but he keeps me running! Piper always listened and stayed close (enough) and never got into things, or did something she knew she shouldn't but Thaddeus, he is different! He is a runner. He is shy and doesn't want anyone tot touch him, but he doesn't even look back when I set him down. He would be a mile down the road and still not think to stop! He knows he isn't allowed to touch and do certain things, but he will holler for me, then when I get there, do what he shouldn't while he smiles at me! What is up with that? He is one reason why I love life, but man, he is CRAZY! Anyway, Sam and I were lying in bed and Piper comes in and says "where is Thaddeus?". I had just heard him in the front room playing with toys and talking to them, and she said that he wasn't in there and couldn't find him. SO I told her to go to her room and I bet her was in there. She goes in there and starts to laugh and say, "Thaddeus, you little man, what are you doing up there?" UP THERE???? She runs into us and say Thaddeus is on my Elmo table. I run in there and sure enough he had climbed up onto her 3 foot table and got into her Strawberry toys. He LOVES her Strawberry toys and I guess couldn't take it anymore and had to have them! Piper was NEVER a climber and I never worried about her, and I wouldn't worry about Thaddeus climbing if he knew how to get down properly. He tries the both feet first technique, but it doesn't always work out for him. He thinks he is Piper's size and can do whatever she can, but he isn't! He is definitely going to keep me on my toes! Oh how I can't wait to add another baby into the mix!

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Natalie said...

It is so nice to hear that girls don't get into as much trouble as boys. I know how you feel about your little boy. I love my boys so much, but there are days where I just wish they could avoid mischief for 24 hours.