To be young again

I just had my 26th birthday, (still pretty young right?) but I found this picture of my sister and I when we were 19. It was her wedding day in 2003. It was before I met my first husband, before my divorce, before marrying Sam, before 3 kids. It was during a time when I was young, single, skinny, I worked out, had money to tan, to get my nails done, to get my hair colored and cut by professionals and many other luxuries that I do not have now. And you can tell. I know it was ONLY 7 years ago, but why can't I look like this again? ONE DAY, I WILL!!!!!!!

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Rina said...

I know exactly how you feel! Just looking at wedding pics and photos from college, I wonder how the heck I have aged so much in the last 6-8 years. Sheesh! (Then I turn around and see Bo and Kade at each others throats and I remember why I have wrinkles under my eyes and stray white hairs.) And if it is any consolation to ya, I think you look pretty much exactly the same.. .just not as tan!