2 weeks old

Odessa is still so small that she is only fitting into newborn clothes, well they are big on her, but they fit better than any thing else. I decided she needed girly clothes on. The outfit swallows her, but she is still pretty cute! It is still hard to believe that she is 2 weeks old already! She likes to be held ALL THE TIME, but I can't complain about that! Piper was the same way, but with Piper I was able to sit and hold her all day, but now with 2 others that need me, it is harder. Laundry takes longer to get done and dinner isn't always on time, but we are all still alive! I know I have only had her two weeks, but I can't remember not having her around! I feel like our little family is complete (for the moment). 2 weeks of hard work, but wouldn't change a moment of it!


Wonder Woman said...

We need to get you a wrap like I have. Super easy to make. I don't know why I didn't think to give you the other half of my material. Aubrey loves the one I have. She'll sleep for hours on my chest while I get stuff done!

p.s. call me. when exactly are you guys gonna be here? I might try to arrange an FAST photo shoot. More of someone here to take a picture than a photo shoot.

Laura said...

What a cutie! Three little kids are alot of work. Let me know how I can help you (babysit, food, adult company ...). Call me! I have a few bitty bitty clothes of London's still that are looking for a good home. Let me know if you want them.