If you haven't heard of it, don't be surprised, I hadn't either. Till last Monday when I was at my doctors appt. and this lady was telling me about it. It is Indiana's best kept secret! It is like an indoor preschool setup play house! If I try to describe it, I wont do it justice, so just go to their website and check it out! AWESOME!!! Piper and Thaddeus LOVED it! It is geared towards kids 7 months to 9 years! Totally AWESOME! If you live around Valpo you HAVE TO check it out!! They have different rooms that do different things, and even have a toddler room perfect for crawlers. Thad loved it! The tunnels and ball pit is big enough for Sam to play to! It was a perfect family day!

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Laura said...

I had heard about it but hadn't tried it yet! I will have to give it a go! Good luck Tuesday!