Catching Up

What a GREAT week! I can't believe that my baby is a week old today! Where did it go? Piper and Thaddeus just can't get enough of her. Piper wants to hold her all day and she isn't like most kids when they are done after a few seconds, she would hold her for hours and talk to her and kiss her and just love her. I was worried about Thaddeus cause he didn't like when I held Piper in my lap but he hasn't minded Odessa at all! He even wants to hold her and he will come up to her and give her hugs and kisses all by himself! Truly blessed! Anyway.... on with the birth story... I went into the Hospital at 7 am on the 9th to be induced. I got in bed and the put in some gel to soften my cervix. Within 5 minutes of it being in, I started having some really strong contractions about every 5 minutes apart and within an hour I was having contractions every 2 to 3 minutes. At 11 I sent Sam home cause even with all the contractions all morning I was still just a 2. So I sent him home to get the kids feed and grab my mom and wait for the babysitter so my mom could be there for the actual birth. At 1, I got my epidural and was checked and the nurse said I could almost pass for a 4. I called Sam and told him I was getting drugged and told him to take his time, but he said the babysitter would be there at 1:30 and he and my mom would leave and be at the hospital 5 minutes later (We live about 2 feet away from the hospital). I started to feel my epidural kick in but I could still feel every contraction. The weird thing was that I couldn't feel my chest or my toes, but the middle I could. I told my nurse and she said it was unusual and she would investigate. So At 1:20 my water broke and I had a contraction. During that contraction Sam and my mom showed up. I talked to them for about 1 minute before the next contraction. Well that next contraction lasted about 4 minutes and was SUPER intense. I was expecting no pain but it was so bad I even said out loud that I wasn't going to make it threw. Seriously thought I was going to die and even wished for it. It finally got so bad I yelled at Sam to get the nurse that something was terribly wrong. He reached for the button and I yelled at him to "GO GET HER". The nurse came in and decided she should check me and was actually on her was to start the pitocin to move me faster along cause remember I was only almost a 4, and when she pulled the blanket out she could see the head coming out! She ran to the hall to yell for help and made it back to me in time to catch the rest of the body! Odessa delivered herself. I didn't even push! NOT ONCE!! If anything I was trying to hold her in cause the nurse kept yelling at me! Which probably made it hurt worse! She came out fast but beautiful and healthy, despite all my illnesses! She is perfect in every way! We went to the doctor yesterday and she is in the 50% in every category! I finally have my tiny, petite, normal sized baby! She even looks LIKE ME! Can you believe it! That is probably why she is so small! My genes finally came threw for me!!! My 2 year old, my one year old, and my newborn! Craziness huh?? Sam made a comment that he finally feels like a Mormon family!! Finally huh?? We couldn't be happier!!!


Laura said...

What a crazy day for you? I guess the epidural didn't really work. I'm so glad you didn't have to wait too long and that your husband and Mom made it before the delivery. Yikes!!! That was close. I was making your card last night and even already have your present. Isn't that fancy?

Wonder Woman said...

Wow!!! I still can't believe it!! And it's funny that we both got kids who look like US!

She's beautiful. I'm glad the kids are adjusting so well. Hope it lasts!

Andy and Sara said...

Wow Nikki! You are a rockstar! Congrats on your beautiful family!