It has been snowy here for months, but with Sam gone all the time and me not a fan of the snow, big and pregnant, and having a son that likes to run away from me, I haven't taken the kids out in the snow. But since Sam is home for Spring Break we finally got to go out and enjoy the snow! Last year..... Piper HATED the snow So I wasn't to sure how she would like it this year, or how Thaddeus would like it, but they both had a blast. Thaddeus and I both have a cold so we didn't stay more than a few minutes. Just long enough to get wet and cold and take a few pictures. Piper and Daddy were outside playing for over an hour! They built a snowman, snow angels, and started an igloo. They didn't finish is cause Piper got tired and wanted to come inside and we don't have any pictures cause the boy and I had already come in, but she was most excited about the igloo. Us Arizonians are starting to get our footing. It only took 3 years!

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Laura said...

Cute! I love the snow and hope we get at least one more dose so we can take the kids sledding!!!