All the hype

OK, so I posted about some of my anxieties on facebook and some people, I think, took it like I was suicidal. NOT THE CASE! I have corks, yes, but nothing unbearable. The worst cork is the OCD cleaning of my house and if you ask my husband, he doesn't think there is a problem there at all! Then my sister replied to the thread and said I should take prozac. I know my sister and knew she was totally joking, but everyone else didn't and they thought she was serious!! Now everyone thinks I have a problem! Facebook is just to much! I guess if I didn't want people to think I am crazy, I shouldn't have posted anything. LESSON LEARNED!!!


Wonder Woman said...

I always feel like I have to be careful what I post on facebook or my blog, because people will take it too seriously.

I know you've always joked about being OCD, and I know you know you're not REALLY OCD, but maybe it would help you to think of it differently. You don't have obsessive compulsive disorder; you have obsessive CLEANING disorder. Do you have to clean the bathroom faucet three times a day? Or only when it's dirty? I've seen commercials for an OCD thing they're going to do on Vh1. Like rehab for those with OCD. And those people have SERIOUS problems.

I know it's just a joke for you, but maybe it would help if you just changed your thinking. (Don't you like how I sound like I know what I'm talking about?!) Or do like you did at Christmas. Consciously take time off from cleaning. "I'm not going to touch a thing in the kitchen for 30 minutes."

Nikki, I think you're great. You've got 3 kids that are just itty bitty. Sam's just finished law school. You were almost a single parent during that time! But you make time to do fun things with your kids. And you take pictures of it! You take the time to teach your children. You really are an example to me, and I'm not just saying that. I WISH I WISH I WISH I WISH we lived close to each other. xoxoxo

Grammy of 9 said...

um...ya, what she said...

Betsy Morris said...

I think some people try to be to helpful and can't see the humor in the written word. My family tells me I have OCD when it comes to cleaning my house or maybe I should say trying to keep my house clean. I just laugh at them and say " A house of order is a house of God and cleanliness is next to Godliness"!

Maybe we are just a little bit more Godly!

Love ya Nikki!