BUD lately

I realized that Thad hasn't been posted about very much. I take a lot of pictures but he is always on the run and never sits still long enough for a picture unlike my girls who love the camera! So here is some of just our bud! He is helping with dishes and dinner. He just wants to be where I am and that is usually the kitchen. He keeps me entertained and makes kitchen work bearable! ANYTHING Piper does is golden and has to be copied! She loves it though! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this handsome little man on mine! He is such a ham. He loves when we play follow the leader, or tag, or we try to scare him. He just laughs at us like "come on that all ya got?" He is shy and clingy and wonderful! Love you Bud!

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MegRich said...

Oh the Thad man. Tyler misses his cousin! They could get into all kinds of cuteness together!