Letter from cousin Kaylee

We have a niece, Kaylee, who is exactly 9 months older than Piper and she and Piper are besties. Well they would be if the lived less than 1000 miles apart from each other. Kaylee lives in Mesa, but they saw each other in Utah, back in April, and became the best of friends. Well today, in the middle of our dress up (that explains why she is snow white), Daddy walks in from checking the mail and tells Piper she got a letter. SHE LOVES TO GET THINGS IN THE MAIL. Once we told her it was from Kaylee she started beaming! Glad I thought to get the camera! Look at my pretty (excited) girl!! Kaylee drew a picture of Piper. Piper couldn't wait to respond to Kaylee's letter. Her reply is already in the mail! Thaddeus wanted to check if there was anything for him. He didn't understand why Piper was so excited but that didn't stop him from being excited either! Piper is happy, that is good enough reason for him to be!


Grammy of 9 said...

Love Snow White's reaction!

MegRich said...

Oh my goodness! That is so cute! My cousin and I used to write back and forth all the time when we were little- it was so much fun.