The many faces of T-Bud

Come check out my little man!! Beware, CUTIE ALERT!!! Such a handsome face! Can you even believe he is mine? I really love this picture except for the fact my hair fell in my face at the last second! As always, almost perfect! Wii buddies. Thaddeus is actually pretty good. Better than me, but that isn't saying much! Check out the twins! They make the same faces all the time. When they watch tv, when they are thinking, sometimes it is scary! Whenever he smiles, I just melt. He gets away with alot more than Piper ever did! ADORABLE!!!! I am in love He is always on my lap. If I am sitting down, he is always there climbing into my lap! AND I LOVE IT! most of the time! Odi was in the bumbo watching me make dinner, and Thad walks into the kitchen. I ask him where Odi is and he puts is arms up suggesting he didn't know then went to my room and looked in her bed looking for her. He walked back into the kitchen and said "Odessa go?" I pointed to where she was and he just laughed and laughed. Thought it was so funny. He just started talking to her and tickling her feet. He usually sits up on the counter while I make dinner, but I didn't trust him up there with her! I'm smarter than I look, most of the time!

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