One day of pictures

I took all these photos today. This is average of how many pictures I take in one day. I just think my kids are so funny I have to get it all of camera. We start out with Sam walking out of taking his LAST FINAL. He is walking out with his friend Justin Vining. (, check him out). Next we went to the park and played for a while. Thaddeus LOVES the tire swing. If you don't swing him high enough he will yell at you! He can't really talk, but he gets his point across! He has no fear! The higher and faster the better. Most of the time I have to walk away cause my heart can't take it! Piper has worn her tutu to bed every night for about 2 weeks and I finally asked her why. Her response.... "In case I wake up and want to dance." DUH Mom! After baths and jammies, we turn the TV on and let them watch Dora. Well Thaddeus loves, Dora and Diego. I got him dancing to the end song. Piper usually dances with him, but she knew the camera was out and wouldn't perform for me. He has some great moves, don't ya think? Still shaking it!! Why does my little man never have a shirt on? I was out yesterday at Target getting diapers, walked by the boys clothes and say this. Instantly knew that Bud had to have it! I think someone made this shirt cause they saw that Thad was Sam's CLONE!!! Handsome faces my boys have huh?? Well at elast one of them does. You choose which! Piper has been writing letters for a while now. I have been working with her to spell her name and she can do that plus a few other letters, but the past few weeks, she has been writing and drawing pictures on my couch. She writes numbers (1-9) and pretty much all the letters! She drew a duck on the couch today and it looked like a duck! I try to get her to draw on of this on paper, but the couch is more fun she says. She usually wipes it off, but today I stopped her in time to capture it on camera! My Baby girl is so smart! And we found out today that she is 40 inches tall. So she is tall, smart, and gorgeous!


MegRich said...

Wow- Piper is a genius! I love her comment about the tutu- so cute!

Chandler Family said...

Way to go Sam!!! I remember that day last year when you were done with everything, beautiful moment!