3 months

Just to see how different my kids are, I went and found 3 month old pictures of all of them. I never realized just how HUGE Thaddeus was! He did come out almost 9 pounds and was bottle feed from the beginning, so he is definitely bigger than my Odi, but DANG! (What did you say fat kid? Sorry, had to throw it in there!!!) Piper and Thaddeus looked identical as babies. They are changing now, but they still look like siblings, but poor Odi, she is all by herself. In size, in looks, in hair color, in eye color, in every way, except she likes mommy best, just like the other two! I can't blame them though! I like me best too!!!!

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Grammy of 9 said...

They all need MeMe hugs, RIGHT NOW!!! (OK, maybe MeMe needs baby hugs...)