Happenings at my house lately

First up.... DANCING. You might not know this, but Piper is a princess ballerina in training and makes us all dance all day long!! Including Thaddeus. Sometimes he is a good sport and sometimes he isn't' but yesterday he was OK with it! Practicing her spins This is a rare happening, but I am in front of the camera. Piper took the picture and actually got my whole face in the picture and since everyone else gets their face plastered on here ALL THE TIME, I thought one picture of me wouldn't hurt. I am part of this family too right? Thaddeus LOVES his Little People toys. They are the first toys he goes to in the morning and the last thing I pick up at night. He sets them all up and has the toys have conversations. And he has his favorite people to. If Piper tries to play with one of them, he will ask her to give it back, "peas" and if she says no, he attacks her to get it back! LOVE HIS FACE!!!! One of our favorite games here in the Richardson house hold is Hide-n-Seek. Or as Piper calls it, Hide-n-sink. Piper will randomly hide from us. Thaddeus now goes around the house if he can't find her saying "Piper, are you?" (so cute) THERE SHE IS!!!! And finally..... Sam getting some much needed relaxation after a hard day of studying! Piper is the only one that will let Sam help her, and occasionally if Odi just ate and is satisfied for the moment, she will let him hold her for a few minutes. And then I get my much needed kid-free relaxation. Well Thaddeus is still attached but I can't be completely free! Easy on the bottle their Odi!!

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Grammy of 9 said...

Don't you remember how you and your sister loved to dance? I have many pictures of you doing that. You would make me twirl and twirl you. Some of my best memories of you girls were dancing.