Office visit

I took the kids to go see Daddy at work today. Piper was really excited till she saw that there was other people there. Thad made it to the door, saw other people and just collapsed in tears. Odi didn't care either way until someone tried to talk to her then she started to cry. Can you tell we don't see many people. At one point I had all the kids in my arms and they wouldn't even let Sam hold them. I tried to take pictures of them in Daddy's big chair but once I put Thad down to take the picture he lost it again, and since I was holding Thad and not Odi, she started to lose it. I always have one crying. It is what happens when you have two babies who are both clingy and needy and LOVE their mom, a little to much! (Is that even possible?) anyway, we didn't stay long. Luckily no one else was in the office except for Sam's two ex-terns. If the judge would have been there, we would have ran out of there 2 seconds after getting there.

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