Dang Wasp!

We try to take Daddy lunch as much as possible since it is still warm. So today we took some sandwiches and headed to the park. We were eating just fine and Thad just starts screaming. He was sitting right beside me so I look over and he is grabbing at his mouth and I thought he bit his tongue (he does that a lot). I calmed him down and he got to eating again. A few minutes later he starts to whine again so I look over and his whole bottom lip is swollen and hard! That is when we realized he was stung by a wasp that was flying around trying to get at our yummy sandwiches! I took this picture about an hour after it happened and after medicine. He wouldn't leave ice on his lip, so I gave him a Popsicle. Not one, but two. I felt like a horrible mother so I gave him one to make amends for being the worst Mommy in the world! He was sitting right by me and I still let a wasp sting him! I cried along with him at the park! Piper even benefited from his misfortune!

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Laura said...

Poor baby! Your an awesome mother!!! Don't ever say you aren't! We miss you!