SO I know I am way behind in this, but I just started and finished the Hunger Games trilogy. Has anyone read them? I didn't know what they were really about till I read them. SO once I started reading them and found out, I called my sister and yelled at her!(She told me to read them and didn't warn me!) But once I got over the teenager murder fest, it was a really good book. I have talked about them so much that now Sam is intrigued. I could never get him to read Twilight, but he wants to read these? I guess murder is a better story, for some, than a love story. The movie is set to come out in 2011. They are saying it is the next "Twilight". Honestly, they are good, but not as good and the romance can't even hold a candle to Twilight's romance. But the love triangle is a little bit more believable to me than Twilight's. But anyway, I would recommend it in case someone in the world besides myself hasn't read them by now.


salena said...

i'm still reading the last one.

Oh & sam should read them, he would like them. Steven's read the first 2 twice. (but he also read Twilight..shhh:)

Rina said...

I love the Hunger Games! But i haven't read the 3rd one that just came out yet. I FINALLY got Brad to read Twilight and he enjoyed them and it has made him excited to watch the movies with me. (shhh... don't tell him I told you.) BUT, he has no interest in the Hunger Games. I'll keep working on him.

Grammy of 9 said...

i guess i don't need to send you my set of books! i'm glad you didn't have to wait for me, i don't have them back from heather yet. i'm glad you liked them as much as i did!