Beauty and the Beast came out on Tuesday. Piper was excited so therefore, so was Teeb! (aka Thaddeus) anyway, we watched it and watched it again, we'll we have recently obtained the Belle and Beast barbie dolls. Thaddeus got Beast and Piper got the Belle. Teeb was playing with the Beast doll just fine till about bed time when we were all in the play room playing just fine and he saw the beast doll and started acting scared. We didn't get it at first, but Sam gave me the doll to show the terrified little boy that it was just a doll and that little boy FLIPPED OUT !!! Screaming and crying and going nuts! We had to put it away and wait 5 minutes before he was normal again. The only thing I can think of it he is kinda scary in parts of the movie, and the doll had a beast head that has fangs and I guess could be scary to. He has seen a lot of Halloween stuff and is a little more jittery than usual (thank you Halloween! The WORST holiday ever! anyway, that is a WHOLE nother post!) Whatever it was, he didn't want ANYTHING to do with it! Made us laugh (just a little)!!


Grammy of 9 said...

Poor Thad. Check my comments on Facebook, but I just want you to know that Happween can be a fun time, but you just may want to wait until they're older and avoid it as much as you can right now.

Rina said...

That's not so bad...my 3 and 5 year-olds are scared of a fuzzy chick dressed in a black cat costume that sings and waddles to the chicken dance. They are terrified. What the??!?! I think it is the same thing - some weird scary Halloween association.