Halloween finally!

SO I found the cord that allowed me to put pictures on my computer since the SD port is not working! YAY!!! So here we go! I don't like Halloween, but Piper and Thaddeus really got into to! And I tried to encourage it. We went around and knocked on doors in the house and I would hand them candy, etc etc. Piper went as Strawberry Shortcake, (of course) Thaddeus as Diego, (another duh) and Odi, well I put her in a bunny sleeper and put ears on her. We had our Ward's Trunk-or-Treat. It was of course COLD! I think a Trunk-or-Treat is an amazing idea, IF YOU LIVE IN A WARM PLACE!!!. Anyway, Sam scared the kids that came by our trunk and made the evening for me! That is why I married that wonderful man of mine! SO anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Leesa said...

I love all of your pictures!!! It is abnormally warm here this year. It was in the 60s on Halloween day!

ps - what a fun mom you are to play trick-or-treat in the house!!