Christmas Eve Party

We all got together in few days before Christmas eve (while everyone was still in town) and had a party! We had the traditional Mexican fest and pinata. It was wonderful. I keep saying that but it's true! We had all 8 siblings, there spouses and all the grandkids and of course grandma and grandpa all in one very tiny room! A total of 40 people! INSANE CHAOS!, but I LOVED it!
Luckliy, in our family gift exchange, Sam got a bambo sword. (Thanks Brady and Maise) He hasn't put it down! (Look how skinny Sambo looks in that picture! Only 1 chin!)
We had push up contests and even Grandma and Grandpa got into it! We also have 3 little boys in the family that are less than a month apart so we had a mini-birthday party for all of them and all the other 8 that have birthdays in December! Tyler born Dec. 19th. Eli born Jan. 18th I think (correct me if I'm wrong Beck) and Thad. Dec. 29th. They were all so cute together!

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Becca said...

Close Nikki it's Jan 21st