Piper has always been bigger than most kids her age. SHe was born over 9 lbs and has been in the 90th percentil her whole life. Well a few weeks ago I put her 4T jeans on her and realized they were to short. I had just bought them!!! So I made her stand against a wall and measure her. The in 3 months I would go back and measure her again. Well, in 3 months Piper grew over an inch and a half!!!! She now towers over her other 3 and 4 year old friends! She is going to be taller then me in 2 years! I guess 3 months from now we measure my giant again!


The Studes said...

WOW! she is really tall!

Grammy of 9 said...

NO!!! She must stop! How will I recognize my Piperdoodle if she keeps growing??!!