Part 2

We are splitting Sam's birthday celebrations since Sam and I are actually going out on his birthday. We opened gifts on SUnday (those pictures are further down) and Monday night we had cake! Piper wanted to pick out Daddy's cake so of course it is pink, yet again, I am glad Daddy is a good sport! I know what you are thinking, "Wow Nikki has some awesome cake decorating skills!!!" But I did not decorate it. My 3 year old did! She frosted it (with a little help from Thaddeus) and put on the sprinkles (again, with some help from little brother) and put the candles in. She put them in upside down, but we fixed that. Odi got a whole piece. I scrapped off most of the icing, but she still ate it up!!! Piper loved Daddy's pink cake! She was so proud of herself for doing it for Daddy. Thaddeus was telling me it was "good momma, good cake" I don't think the color made Sam upset at all. I could be wrong, but he looks pretty happy!

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Rina said...

Your family is awesome. I love that your kids got such thoughtful gifts for Sam. Ha ha!! And I love the pink cake. Watch out Martha Stewart.