Spontaneous playdate

We had our wards Christmas breakfast and this year instead of a party, they had different service projects you could attend and do service for people in our community. Well after the breakfast Piper went up to a friends mommy and invited her friend over. The mommy then came to me and asked me if I knew Miranda was invited to our house. I told her no but we would love to have her. Which worked out great for everyone one cause then her parents could go do service and Piper would have someone to play with. Well they were running around with another friend and Piper decided to invite her to, but she didn't tell me again or the other little girls mommy. Emma was already set on coming with us so I tracked down her mommy (who I barely know) and asked if she could come play. When Piper wants a play date, she means it! They all attend the same nursery class and play really well together.
They played Strawberry Shortcake and Princess barbies for 4 hours! Piper was in HEAVEN! Thad and Odi slept for most of the play date, so I also got a little time off! It was a great Saturday!

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