Thaddeus is 2!!!!!

My baby boy turned two. Although if you ask him he insists on being 1, which is ok with me! He had to grow up way to fast and I still feel like he should be a baby. Thaddeus picked out Diego colors (of course since he tells me all day long that his name is Jack Diego) and he wanted a chocolate cake and blue frosting, so I had to buy white and make it blue. Blue and orange are his favorite colors. Excited during the birthday song. Piper helped after a while with the candles. Everyone loved the cake. Thad loved the monster cookie ice cream. Odi loved it all!!! PRESENT TIME!!!!! He loves imaginext toys! Thanks Meme. This is what you got him and he loves!!! Proof below! That is his happy excited screaming face! A train set, that he absoluetely loves! Mommy knows best!!! Mommy needed Daddy to set it up though?? Not much of an engineer! Happy kids, happy parents! Happy Birthday Son! We love you and you brighten our day everyday!


Grammy of 9 said...

Happy birthday T-bud!!! MeMe and PaPa sure do love you!!!

Richardson Five said...

Thad...the funniest kid EVER!