Why I HATE snow!

Sam forgot his ID card and parking card at home today. So he called me and asked me to bring it to him. Sure no big deal, except for the blizzard we are having outside! By myself it is a pain, but with 3 babies, it is HELL!!! I got all 3 kids bundled up, which takes forever, then I get them all outside and to the van and then I can't get the doors open. THEY ARE FROZEN SHUT! I finally get the front passenger door open and I crawl over the front seat with Odi in my arms to get her in her seat so at least I have 2 arms to work with. In the process I get snow ALL OVER the front of the van. I still can't get the doors open so I get the other two kids in the same way! Not a good start but at least we are all in. Well I go to start the van and then I was going to go and clean off the 4 feet of snow that is on my van. I start the car on a prayer cause I have absolutely NO GAS! So can't clean off the car and let it heat up I have to race to the gas station before I am completely empty! I drive the quarter mile down the road to the gas station blind on slippery roads. So I make it to the station and pull the lever to open the gas tank and it is FROZEN solid. I have to get out a credit card and scrap the ice out from around it. 5 minutes later I am finally pumping gas. I start to clean off my car and $55 dollars later I am full with gasoline (notice how I didn't say gas) (I have never put more than $45 in and that is when I am almost to the E! I was seriously low!) anyway, I spend about 15 minutes scrapping the 4 feet of snow and 1 inch of ice off of my car and make it to Sam's office about an hour after I left the front the door! Which normally take me about 15 minutes. I told Sam he seriously owes me! He said we were even since I made him go shopping on his birthday!
I still think he owes me!

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Leesa said...

I'm with you - he owes you big time! I would have been crying thru it all. I hate driving in the snow!