10 months

Odi finally got her first tooth the day before she turned 10 months old! She usually puts my fingers in her mouth to help her gums feel better. She crawled up to me and put my finger in her mouth but this time it HURT!! So we FINALLY have a tooth! Piper was 10 months before she got her first, but she was running around, saying her alphabet, and talking to me with no teeth. That was weird! At least Odi doesn't look that weird! I love the toothless grin! Once they have teeth in there, the baby smile vanishes! So anyway..... So Odi is 10 months now and can stand on her own, but doesn't want anything to do with walking. She will walk if I hold her hand, but nothing on her own (thankfully). If she hears you sing Patty Cake, she will start to clap. If she does something good and I don't clap in time she will yell at me and clap herself till I get the hint. She loves to makes noise by covering and uncovering her mouth with her hand. She loves to be thrown on to the bed and loves to wrestle with her siblings if she is the one on top of the pile! She loves to give me kisses and hugs and still loves to cuddle with me! She knows who everyone in the family is and will respond to her name and her many many nicknames we have for her. And better still, she called Daddy Daddy the other day, and yesterday I was walking away from her and she started crying and saying "ma ma ma ma" as she crawled after me! I try not to teach my kids what my name is, I only encourage Daddy's name. I am not mean, but they learn to say it on their own and then that is the only word they ever use. It also makes Daddy feel good when they say his name and I love it when they cry for Daddy in the morning and not Mommy! =o) She is still spoiled! She was across the room and she was checking for me to make sure I was still close and saw not one but two kids on my lap. She instantly throws her head on the ground and throws her fit. Comes over to us and cries for me to pick her up. I don't always cause they all need to learn that no one is more important than the other and that I love them all! If I do pick her up to sit with us, she wedges her way between us all and then starts to push the others away. Kinda bratty huh? They have all been fighting for my attention and lap A LOT lately. It is always a battle, meanwhile their sits Daddy with an empty lap!! I love every minute of it though!
I love my baby Odi


Grammy of 9 said...

I love these pictures and your comments. So darling. I love her and can't wait to see her. She is so darling.

Wonder Woman said...

Love those baby blues. I thought it was funny when you said she put her head down on the floor and throws her fit. Aubrey does the same thing! Puts her head down and pouts. Makes me laugh and melts my heart.

So you guys are coming out in April? I'll start the count down!!!!!!!!!

Leesa said...

What a little cutie!! Don't they grow too fast??