OK so it has been pointed out by a few people that I did not make myself clear on a previous post!!
My comment of me being childless for at least 1 month at church was misunderstood! It was a personal goal of mine to not have 2 kids out of Nursery again! Those 4 1/2 months were I had Thad and Odi together during church was ROUGH! But if I got pregnant right now I would still have at least 1 month where Odi would be in Nursery before the next one came along! I wouldn't mind getting pregnant this summer AT THE EARLIEST, but right now, no news!!!
Sorry for the confusion!


charlotte said...

Hahaha, sorry for getting everyone all excited with my comments :) I am so ready for another baby myself or rather to be pregnant. I LOVED everything about being pregnant. Everything. Your little family is sooo cute. I can't believe how much of a carbon copy Thad is of Sam! Wish you guys lived closer so we could be SAHM buddies and do fun stuff together.

Grammy of 9 said...

Glad you cleared that up!