11 months

This time next month I will be mourning, I mean celebrating my baby's 1st birthday! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!Odi love to eat, and play, and above all else, she loves to sing and DANCE! She will give high fives, hugs, kisses, and play patty cake. We are learning the song head shoulders knees and toes. That song helped the other two really enjoy learning. Hopefully she likes learning like the other two do.
She was walking towards me but you can't tell. She decided one day walking was ok. She still crawls about 75% of the time, but I think would rather walk if she could get there faster. Her new favorite thing is climbing the stairs. I have a gate but want her to learn going up and down safely, so I spend most of my day at the stairs. How could I deny a face like that! She would love to spend her whole day in the play room and usually does. She wants to play with anything Thaddeus is playing with. He will get something out and she will be on top of him. He will let her have it and go find something else, but before he can sit down with it, she is there again. He puts up with it for a while then pushes her and yells at her. A 2year old boys patience only goes so far. My favorite thing she does is shake her head at me. She doesn't do it to tell me no, she does it to make me laugh. She and Thaddeus have so much in common. The older she gets the more I see. They are both clowns and spend all day trying to get me to laugh. I love that little girl!

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Rina said...

Can't someone tell these babies to slow down? Odessa is so cute. She has the prettiest eyes.