• We got invited to go to a Chinese New Year party over at Norte Dame. They had lots of activities for kids and entertainment for the adults (Chinese Karaoke, it was definitely entertaining!!). Anyway, we were all sitting around after dinner and reading what our "animal" was. I told them I didn't know and asked them what animal was for year '91. They all sat quietly, did the math, turned to Sam and asked "What are you doing?" It was HILARIOUS!! We never did tell them what year I was born, so they think Sam is a pervert and that I got married at 14!!! It totally made our day!
  • I was carded the other day for a drug that you had to be over 17 to buy!! Do I really look younger than 17!?
I turned 17 TEN years ago!
  • My friend asked me the other day how old I was going to turn next weekend on my birthday. I said 22. She said "Really?" I said no, I'm teasing, 23! SHE BELIEVED IT!!! None of my friends know exactly how old I am, but they believe 22 better than they would 27. Is it wrong to mess with people like that?? Not if you can get away with it!!!

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Grammy of 9 said...

You are such your father's daughter! He loves that you mess with people, because that is what he loves to do, too! (As you remember, I'm sure!) That is hilarious, though) And poor T-bud! That church schedule is wreaking havoc with his own little schedule, isn't it? How long will you be on it?