Miss May has her 1st Birthday!!

My Miss May turned 1 today! Bittersweet. I HATE my kids 1st birthdays! They grow up so fast on me! She isn't my little baby anymore. I guess physically she still is!!! We started out our day with breakfast then we opened a few gifts. Really just the Birthday onesie I got her. Then we went about our day as normal. play, lunch, naps, then we went to target and let them play with all the toys while I picked up a few things. Odi loved being able to walk around the isles now, now that she is an exclusive walker. Her crawling days are behind her. She found things to pull off the shelves, and things that made noise, and people would stop and watch her walk by and tell her happy birthday. She loved the attention. She loves to make people laugh and be the center of attention, kinda like her Daddy! We then went to Applebee's across the street from Target. Odi just wanted to drink threw a straw (she almost has that mastered). She was getting tired and that is how I got this shot! She is beautiful! Her big blue eyes make me melt every time! Her personality has come out a lot these past couple of weeks. She is the perfect mixture of Piper where she loves to learn and read and is protective and nurturing, but then she is just like Thad where she loves to laugh and make people laugh, by goofy and cuddly. But then you throw in her own little diva mixture and BAM, you have our Miss Odi May. We then went home with some Ritters ice cream (kinda like Nielson's back home). No cake. I didn't really want Odi to have any and since we will have a huge princess cake in a few weeks, we decided to forgo and just get what I wanted! Present time! P and T really enjoyed "helping" Odi with her presents. Actually Odi had already had a bow and didn't care about the presents. But another trick I did was to buy presents Piper would want since Odi would only want the paper, or whatever toy Thad has. Piper took them over instantly and Odi only wanted the bows. It all worked out. Walking away with the best presents! Soggy paper and the soggy bow! Odi warmed up to her doll though. Here she is giving it a huge kiss while the other two play with the Princess jewelry box. I LOVE our Odi May! She is a challenge. Between her climbing and her toilet adventures, and her diva tantrums, she is loving, and sweet, and loves to dance and sing, and make us laugh. She is quick to give you a kiss if you need it or if she feels like showing me love. She practically runs everywhere now. She waves and says hello and good-bye. She says Dada and Mama, and she points at everything. If she wants her milk (she is off the bottle and formula and drinks about 4 to 5 8oz cups of whole milk a day, she is going to become a cow! She wont take juice, and only water if she can drink it threw a straw.) she will go to the fridge, point and holler at me, then once i open it, walk right up to her milk and walk off. She will do the same with the cabinet that has her graham crackers.
She is a riot and a headache and for that she completes me!

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